Get insight into Pathom 3 in Fulcro with Pathom Viz

Fulcro has great dev tooling in Fulcro Inspect, however the part for exploring Pathom resolvers and attributes - its Index Explorer - is not compatible with Pathom 3. Here we learn what to do about it.


Fulcro Inspect is still written in Fulcro 2, while the modern, Pathom 3 compatible Pathom Viz is written in Fulcro 3 and thus cannot be re-integrated into Fulcro Inspect.

Updated 2023-03-18 to properly initialize env for queries made from Pathom Viz (by moving env-middleware application into a plugin)

There are two solutions: Either adapt Pathom 3’s indices to the old format, or use Pathom Viz as a standalone application. In both cases you will need pathom-viz-connector.

To adapt Pathom 3 to the existing Fulcro Inspect’s Index Explorer, you can use pathom-viz-connector’s However, I have not managed to get this working in the short time I allocated to it.

In my opinion, the better option is to use the newest, shiniest, standalone Pathom Viz. Here is how to connect it to a Fulcro app using Pathom 3:

  1. Add pathom-viz-connector to your deps.edn

  2. Pass the base-env of the parser through This must be the last step, after all resolvers have been registered in the environment, right before it is passed to the parser creation function. Fulcro RAD’s parser offers a function for that.

  3. (Re)start your app and open Pathom Viz. It should now see your parser.

    • Notice that connect-env starts a dedicated server on a well-known port, that Viz connects to.

The following requires fulcro-rad version of at least 1.4.5 (January 2023)
Fulcro Pathom 3 parser with Pathom Viz integration
(defn connect-pathom-viz
  "Expose indices to standalone Pathom-Viz v2022+"
  (try ((requiring-resolve
          env {::pvc/parser-id `env})
       (catch Exception e
         (log/info "NOT enabling Pahom-Viz" e)

;; A typical example of starting a parser,
;; with only the marked line added to support Viz
(require '[com.wsscode.pathom3.connect.built-in.plugins :as pbip])
(def parser
  (let [env-middleware (-> (attr/wrap-env all-attributes)
                           (form/wrap-env save/middleware delete/middleware)
                           (asami/wrap-env (fn [_env] asami-connections)))]
      identity ;env-middleware ; (1)
      [(pbip/env-wrap-plugin env-middleware)] ; (2)
      connect-pathom-viz))) ; (3)
1Do not pass in env middleware here
2Instead, apply env-middleware via a plugin - that way both normal processing and Pathom Viz will get the effect
3Use the new-processor's 5th argument to pass in the connect-pathom-viz function - this will modify the env as Viz needs after all resolvers etc. have been registered.

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