Released DbUnit Test Skeleton 1.0.0 - setup DbUnit test w/ embedded DB in few minutes

I've just released a little open-source project DbUnit Test Skeleton 1.0.0.

Creating a a DbUnit test case may be time consuming. With this project you can have your DbUnit test including an embedded database with structures and data ready in a few minutes. (At least if you are fast enough in writing SQL and preparing your data :-) ).

This project helps you to setup a DbUnit test using an embedded Derby database by providing

  1. An, which creates a connection to the database, sets some useful defaults, and provides improved error reporting,
  2. The utility for creating and initializing the embedded DB based on a .ddl file,
  3. Sample create_db_content.ddl and dbunit-test_data_set.xml for creating the database and filling it with test data,
  4. Instructions for using them.

Everything is well commented (I hope) to help you to start using it quickly.

More details including examples and some useful links to related utilities on yhe DbUnit Test Skeleton page.

Tags: java

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