A new release 0.30 of MiniPauker, a J2ME flashcard learning application

I've just released MiniPauker v0.30, a J2ME application for learning vocabulary etc.

MiniPauker is like Pauker a generic flashcard learning program, but written in J2ME for the use with mobile devices which support J2ME with MIDP2 and JSR-75. MiniPauker is compatible with Pauker (import/export).

What's new:

  • Added "repeat new", i.e. repeat unlearned cards = card's you haven't learned using the application. Good if you have actually learned them elsewhere as I often do.
  • Used often with "repeat new", you can select in the preferences that you want the cards to be presented in a random order rather than always in the same (usually alphabetical) one.
  • Support for reading files on Siemens mobiles that don't support the FileConnection API but have their custom file access. The file must be named lessons.pau.gz and be stored in the top folder.
  • If your mobile doesn't support file access, you can embed a lesson file directly in the application.
  • Added help with detailed instructions for various functions of the app.
  • Hopefully an improvement of keys allocation so it should be easier to use the app.
  • Reading of stored session loads first 100 cards and then continues in the background (loading in chunks of 100 ) so that you can start working with those loaded so far. Good for slow phones like Siemens CX65, Siemens ME75. You can check the progress in main menu > statistics.
MiniPauker has been originally and mostly developed by Markus Brosch.

Tags: java

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