Using ScribeFire to publish to

To get the Firefox extension ScribeFire (v.3.2.3) to publish to you may set you account as follows:

  1. Address of you blog: e.g.
  2. Blog system: MetaWeblog API (though there is also en experimental support of Roller)
  • Of course you must first allow the MetaWeblog API in your blog's settings
  • URL of API server:
  • The username and password you use to log in to JRoller.
  • I wish this was documented somewhere in the official JRoller documentation (is there any?!) so that I wouldn't need to aste my time trying to figure it out.

    Actually using ScribeFire 3.2.3 may not be such a good idea after all. I've just found it has some nasty problems with not escaping and un-escaping < and > (at least inside <pre>) and doesn't really understand that <p> should be closed when a <h2> is created :-(

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