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    1. Why continuous delivery practices?


  • Jez Humble: The Case for Continuous Delivery (2/2014) - read to persuade manager about CD: “Still, many managers and executives remain unconvinced as to the benefits [of CD], and would like to know more about the economic drivers behind CD.” CD reduces waste: “[..]online controlled experiments (A/B tests) at Amazon. This approach created hundreds of millions of dollars of value[..],” reduces risks: “[..] Etsy, has a great presentation which describes how deploying more frequently improves the stability of web services.” CD makes development cheaper by reducing the cost of non-value-adding activities such as integration and testing. F.ex. HP got dev. costs down by 40%, dev cost/program by 78%


Why continuous delivery practices?

  • Everybody develops on the same branch to prevent integration/merge hell and unexpected issues when a merge “succeeds” but causes unexpected side effects (reviving previously removed configuration etc.) - use feature toggles, parallel change, etc. to make this possible

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