Personal log of mid-term tasks.

  1. Read Nonviolant Communication

  2. Read The Goal

  3. Read Joy of Clojure, Implementation Patterns, Lean from the Trenches, Scrum from the Trenches, Management 3.0, Lean Startup, Running Lean, Why

  4. Reach enlightment

Done (oldest first):

  1. Publish new version of DbUnit Express

  2. Bring JSF EL Validator to a “final” state and release v.1.0 (Deadline: 31/12 2012)

  3. Finish writing notes for Implementing Lean Software Development: From Concept to Cash (Deadline:6/1 2012, old: 7/12 2011)

  4. Finish writing notes for Agile Project Management with Scrum

  5. Read Flawless Consulting (Deadline: 31/2 2012, old: 1/1 2012; done: 11/1)

  6. Finish 4Clojure easy problems to learn Clojure (Deadline: 1/2012)

  7. Read Specification by Example (Done 4/2012)

To learn:

Node4j, Clojure (of course!) perhaps with Noir, Twitter’s Bootstrap (incl. LESS).

To consider:

Cofee/ClojureScript, HTML5 Boilerplate






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