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Hacking Jasper to Get Object Model of a JSP Page

Posted by Jakub Holý on June 10, 2011

To perform some checks and statistical analysis on my JSPs I needed a DOM-like, hierarchical model of elements contained in them. But parsing JSP pages isn’t trivial and is best left to a tool that excels in it – the Jasper JSP compiler used by Tomcat, Jetty, GlassFish and likely also by all others. There is an easy way to tweak it to produce whatever output you need nad to transform a JSP into whatever form you want, including an object model of the page:

  1. Define a Node.Visitor subclass for handling the nodes (tags etc.) of a JSP
  2. Write a simple subclass of Compiler, overriding its generateJava() to invoke the visitor
  3. Subclass the compiler executor JspC overriding its method getCompilerClassName() to return the class of the Compiler of yours

Let’s see the code.

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