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  1. Translating an enterprise Spring webapp to Clojure

  2. Highlights from the talk 'Exploring four hidden superpowers of Datomic'

  3. It will only take one hour... (On why programmers suck at estimating and the perils of software development)

  4. How to use Clojure 1.10 pREPL to connect to a remote server (WIP)

  5. How generating test data saved us from angry customers and legal trouble

  6. Migrating from Wordpress.com to a static site generated by GatsbyJS

  7. Solution design in Java/OOP vs. Clojure/FP - I/O anywhere or at the boundaries? - experience

  8. Clojure vs Java: Troubleshooting an application in production

  9. Clojure vs Java: The benefit of Few Data Structures, Many Functions over Many Unique Classes

  10. AWS RDS: How to find out login credentials to the database

  11. Java: Simulating various connection problems with Toxiproxy

  12. How I got fired and learned the importance of communication and play time

  13. Clojure - comparison of gnuplot, Incanter, oz/vega-lite for plotting usage data

  14. How good monitoring saved our ass ... again

  15. Beware the performance cost of async_hooks (Node 8)

  16. Monitoring process memory/CPU usage with top and plotting it with gnuplot

  17. Troubleshooting javax.net.ssl.SSLHandshakeException: Received fatal alert: handshake_failure

  18. Why we love AWS Beanstalk but are leaving it anyway

  19. Pains with Terraform (perhaps use Sceptre next time?)

  20. How to patch Travis CI''s deployment tool for your needs

  21. Experience: Awesome productivity with ClojureScript''s REPL

  22. Simulating network timeouts with toxiproxy

  23. Demonstration: Applying the Parallel Change technique to change code in small, safe steps

  24. It Is OK to Require Your Team-mates to Have Particular Domain/Technical Knowledge

  25. Don''t add unnecessary checks to your code, pretty please!

  26. 2015 in review

  27. Why we practice fronted-first design (instead of API-first)

  28. A Costly Failure to Design for Performance and Robustness

  29. Troubleshooting And Improving HTTPS/TLS Connection Performance

  30. Moving Too Fast For UX? Genuine Needs, Wrong Solutions

  31. Upgrade or not to upgrade dependencies? The eternal dilemma

  32. Storytelling as a Vehicle of Change: Introducing ClojureScript for the Heart and Mind

  33. Refactoring & Type Errors in Clojure: Experience and Prevention

  34. An answer to CircleCI''s "Why we’re no longer using Core.typed"

  35. Nginx: Protecting upstream from overload on cache miss

  36. Shipping a Refactoring & Feature One Tiny Slice at a Time, to Reduce Risk

  37. Running Gor, the HTTP traffic replayer, as a service on AWS Elastic Beanstalk

  38. AWS ebextensions: Avoiding "Could not enable service" (or .. disable ..)

  39. Fixing a mysterious .ebextensions command time out (AWS Elastic Beanstalk)

  40. AWS: Passing private configuration to a Docker container (via S3)

  41. Book Review & Digest: Release It! Design and Deploy Production-Ready Software

  42. NDC Oslo 2015: Talk notes, recommended talks (security, FP, etc.)

  43. Why do companies fail at adopting Functional Programming?

  44. Notes from Troy Hunt''s Hack Yourself First workshop

  45. NDC: Async and Streaming JavaScript, We''re All Doing it Wrong! (Promises, Streams, Rx)

  46. Example: Functional Reactive Programming decisively beats Imperative on simplicity, length

  47. AWS API: Proper syntax for filtering by tag name and value (e.g. describeInstances)

  48. Mounting an EBS volume to Docker on AWS Elastic Beanstal

  49. OS X: Using scutils to discover whether/what a web proxy is in use

  50. All-in-one Docker with Grafana, InfluxDB, and cloudwatch-to-graphite for AWS/Beanstalk monitoring

  51. Hack: Quickly Verify That All Your Mocha/Chai Tests Have Valid Assertions

  52. My Highlights from Continuous Delivery and DevOps Conference 2015

  53. iTerm coprocess reporting result of (Mocha) tests run via nodemon

  54. Backup WD MyCloud to S3/Glacier with duplicity (build instructions included)

  55. AWS CloudWatch Alarms Too Noisy Due To Ignoring Missing Data in Averages

  56. Git pre-commit hook that fails if "it.only" used (Jest/Jasmine)

  57. There will be failures – On systems that live through difficulties instead of turning them into a catastrophy

  58. A Usable Node.js REPL for Emacs

  59. The Are No Silver Bullets: Which Error Handling Style to Pick For a Given Configuration of Constraints?

  60. Fix Shell Script Run via SSH Hanging (Jenkins)

  61. Challenging Myself With Coplien''s Why Most Unit Testing is Waste

  62. Running JavaScript Tests On a CI Server With Karma, Chrome And Fake X

  63. Focus & Do the Simplest Thing Possible

  64. Notes On Automated Acceptance Testing (from the Continuous Delivery book)

  65. Continuous Delivery Digest: Ch.9 Testing Non-Functional Requirements

  66. The blog''s year 2014 in review

  67. Connect Tunnelblick to VPN automatically after wake up

  68. Book Review & Digest: Capital In The Twenty-First Century

  69. Tiny, Tiny Steps - Experience Report Developing A Feature In Minimal Value-Adding Increments

  70. Notes From CodeMesh 2014

  71. Most interesting links of July ''14

  72. Most interesting links of June ''14

  73. Review: Clojure for Machine Learning (Ch 1-3)

  74. Most interesting links of May ''14

  75. Fixing clojurescript.test failing with "ReferenceError: Can''t find variable: cemerick"

  76. Clojure/Java: Prevent Exceptions With "trace missing"

  77. ClojureScript/Om: Spurious "Minified exception occured" With Advanced Optimizations

  78. core.async: "Can''t recur here" in ClojureScript but OK in Clojure

  79. Graphite Shows Metrics But No Data - Troubleshooting

  80. Most interesting links of April ''14

  81. Clojure: How To Prevent "Expected Map, Got Vector" And Similar Errors

  82. How to create and run Gatling 2.0 tests

  83. Kioo: How to Troubleshoot Template Processing

  84. Kioo: How To Replace The Whole Body

  85. Most interesting links of March ''14

  86. Framework Joy: Load in Hibernate Updates Data

  87. How To Generate A Valid Credit Card Number For A Bin (First 6 Digits)

  88. HttpServletRequest: requestURI/requestURL/contextPath/servletPath/pathInfo/queryString

  89. Ansible: Best practices for deriving host-level var from a group var

  90. Frustration-Driven Development - Towards DevOps, Lean, Clojure

  91. Recursive Copy In Ansible 1.5 And --diff

  92. Petitioning EU to act against Russian aggression in Ukraine

  93. Ansible Troubleshooting Tips

  94. Most interesting links of February ''14

  95. JavaServer Faces Are Evil (draft)

  96. Handling Deployments When Provisioning JBoss domain.xml (With Ansible)

  97. Seek Understanding

  98. The Risks Of Big-Bang Deployments And Techniques For Step-wise Deployment

  99. Demonstration of Ansible Features With Control & Test VMs

  100. JBoss Modules Suck, It''s Impossible To Use Custom Resteasy/JAX-RS Under JBoss 7

  101. A Secret Weapon Against Technical Debt

  102. Most interesting links of January ''14

  103. Most interesting links of December ''13

  104. Bad Code: Are We Thinking Too Little?

  105. 2013 in review

  106. Code Is Cheap, It''s Knowledge Discovery That Costs

  107. Most interesting links of November ''13

  108. How I Learned to Avoid Magical Dependency Injection And Love Plain Java

  109. Most interesting links of October ''13

  110. The Failure of Governmental IT (Learnings From HealthCare.gov)

  111. My Highlights From EuroClojure 2013

  112. Fixed: Embedded Jetty Fails To Unpack With FileNotFoundException: Not a directory

  113. Most interesting links of September ''13

  114. Webapp Blue-Green Deployment Without Breaking Sessions/With Fallback With HAProxy

  115. Test Puppet config of an existing node using Puppet Master via Vagrant

  116. Most interesting links of August ''13

  117. Clojure REPL stores the latest results in *1, *2, *3, exception in *e

  118. Most interesting links of July ''13

  119. Running A Leiningen/Ring Webapp As A Daemon Via Upstart (Ubuntu)

  120. Installing & Troubleshooting Google Analytics 2013 (ga / analytics.js)

  121. Creating A Chart With A Logarithmic Axis In Incanter 1.5.1

  122. The Invisible Benefits Of Pair-Programming: Avoiding Wasteful Coding Excursions

  123. Most interesting links of June ''13

  124. Brief Intro Into Random/Stochastic/Probabilistic/Simulation/Property-Based Testing

  125. Patterns of Effective Delivery - Challenge Your Understanding Of Agile (RootsConf 2011)

  126. Installing Latest Node.JS And NPM Modules With Puppet

  127. Making Sense Out of Datomic, The Revolutionary Non-NoSQL Database

  128. Ignore requirements to gain flexibility, value, insights! The power of why

  129. Most interesting links of May ''13

  130. Tip: Include Context And Propose Solutions In Your Error Messages

  131. Accessing An Artifact''s Maven And SCM Versions At Runtime

  132. Lesson Learned: Don''t Use Low-Level Lib To Test High-Level Code

  133. Becoming A Better Programmer Through The Study of Good And Bad Code & Design

  134. Most interesting links of April ''13

  135. Book Review & Digest: Boyd: The Fighter Pilot Who Changed the Art of War (Relevant for IT/Business)

  136. The Value and Perils of Performance Benchmarks in the Wake of TechEmpower''s Web Framework Benchmark

  137. Most interesting links of Mars ''13

  138. Tools for Editor - Browser Integration for Interactive JS/HTML Development

  139. Markdown + JavaScript = Great HTML Presentation Decks

  140. Escaping the Zabbix UI pain: How to create a combined graph for a number of hosts using the Zabbix API

  141. You are not lean unless you have a clear objective and measure

  142. From Stateful Iteration in Python to Stateless Clojure

  143. Books Our Developers Should Read

  144. Most interesting links of February ''13

  145. JDBC: What resources you have to close and when?

  146. Most interesting links of January ''13

  147. The Sprinting Centipede Strategy: How to Improve Software Without Breaking It

  148. Bash: Parse Options And Non-Options With Getopts

  149. Bash Magic: List Hive Table Sizes in GB

  150. Fast Code To Production Cycle Matters: For Pleasure, Productivity, Profit

  151. My 2012 in Review

  152. Blogging Stats of 2012

  153. Most interesting links of December ''12

  154. What Is Clean Code? - In Quotes

  155. Most interesting links of November ''12

  156. Most interesting links of October ''12

  157. Tip: Import Leiningen Project to IntelliJ (With Dependencies)

  158. Do You Know Why You Are Testing?! (On The Principles Underlying TDD)

  159. Tool Tip: Byob - Screen With Text UI

  160. Puppet Troubleshooting: Compiling Catalog, Locating a Cached Catalog

  161. My Scala vs. Clojure Impression In Pictures

  162. Note: Loading Tab-Separated Data In Cascalog

  163. Most interesting links of September ''12

  164. Using Java as Native Linux Apps - Calling C, Daemonization, Packaging, CLI (Brian McCallister)

  165. Infographic: Why Should All Learn Little Code

  166. VisualVM: Monitoring Remote JVM Over SSH (JMX Or Not)

  167. Enabling JMX Monitoring for Hadoop And Hive

  168. The Best Code I Have Ever Written Is The Code I Never Wrote

  169. Programming Like Kent Beck

  170. (Unit) Testing Swiss Knife: All the Tools You Wanted to Know

  171. Help, My Code Isn''t Testable! Do I Need to Fix the Design?

  172. Most interesting links of August ''12

  173. Tip: How to Easily Customize PMD Rules in Eclipse

  174. Recommended Book: Real World Java EE Night Hacks by Adam Bien

  175. Minimalistic Practical Introduction to Puppet (Not Only) For Vagrant Users

  176. You''re Writing the Wrong Software - You Never Know What Users Want Until You Ask Them

  177. Zabbix: Fixing Active Checks to Work With Zabbix Proxy

  178. How to Add MapRed-Only Node to Hadoop

  179. Most interesting links of July ''12

  180. Book Review: Implementation Patterns

  181. Notify on Errors in a Log File with Zabbix 1.8

  182. Testing Zabbix Trigger Expressions

  183. Most interesting links of June ''12

  184. How to Set JVM Memory for Clojure REPL in Emacs (clojure-jack-in, clojure-swank)

  185. Creating Custom Login Modules In JBoss AS 7 (and Earlier)

  186. Serving Files with Puppet Standalone in Vagrant From the puppet:// URIs

  187. Most interesting links of May ''12

  188. Bad Code: Too Many Object Conversions Between Application Layers And How to Avoid Them

  189. Beautiful Code: Simplicity Yields Power

  190. Creating On-Demand Clusters in EC2 with Puppet

  191. Most interesting links of April ''12

  192. Exposing Functionality Over HTTP with Groovy and Ultra-Lightweight HTTP Servers

  193. Groovy Grape: Troubleshooting Failed Download

  194. Most interesting links of Mars ''12

  195. Note To Self: What to Do When a Vagrant Machine Stops Working (Destroy or Up Failing)

  196. Kent Beck: Best Practices for Software Design with Low Feature Latency and High Throughput

  197. Link: Benchmark and Scaling of Amazon RDS (MySQL)

  198. Most interesting links of February ''12

  199. Profiling Tomcat Webapp with VisualVM and NetBeans - Pitfalls

  200. Cool Tools: Fault Injection into Unit Tests with JBoss Byteman - Easier Testing of Error Handling

  201. Release 0.9.9 of Static JSF EL Expression Validator with Annotated Beans Autodetection

  202. Using Java Compiler Tree API to Extract Generics Types

  203. Separating Integration and Unit Tests with Maven, Sonar, Failsafe, and JaCoCo

  204. Troubleshooting Jersey REST Server and Client

  205. Most interesting links of January ''12

  206. How to Create Maintainable Acceptance Tests

  207. Visualize Maven Project Dependencies with dependency:tree and Dot Diagram Output

  208. uCertify

  209. Key Lessons from the Specification by Example Course, Day 1

  210. Annual Blogging Report 2011

  211. Most interesting links of December

  212. AWK: Extract Logs for the Given Date(s) from a Log File

  213. Quiz: What''s the Best Test Method Name?

  214. Getting Started with Amazon Web Services and Fully Automated Resource Provisioning in 15 Minutes

  215. Most interesting links of November

  216. The 3 Most Important Things I''ve Learned This Year

  217. Where to Get Sample Java Webapps

  218. What Changes When You Deploy More Frequently and Why You Should Do It

  219. Refactoring Spikes as a Learning Tool and How a Scheduled Git Reset Can Help

  220. Principles for Creating Maintainable and Evolvable Tests

  221. How to Fail With Drools or Any Other Tool/Framework/Library

  222. Tips And Resources For Creating DSLs in Groovy

  223. What Is CDI, How Does It Relate to @EJB And Spring?

  224. Book Review: Agile Project Management With Scrum

  225. Groovy: Use @Canonical to Get Compiler-generated Equals, HashCode and ToString

  226. Groovy: Creating an Interface Stub and Intercepting All Calls to It

  227. Most interesting links of October

  228. JSF: Beware the Difference Between Build-Time and Render-Time Tags in Facelets

  229. Never Mix Public and Private Unit Tests! (Decoupling Tests from Implementation Details)

  230. Hacking A Maven Dependency with Javassist to Fix It

  231. Only a Masochist Would Write Unit Tests in Java. Be Smarter, Use Groovy (or Scala...).

  232. Comparison of Eclipse 3.6 and IntelliJ IDEA 10.5: Pros and Cons

  233. Intro: Java Webapp Monitoring with Hyperic HQ + How to Alert on Too Many Errors in Logs

  234. hasProperty, the Hidden Gem of Hamcrest (and assertThat)

  235. Aggregating Error Logs to Send a Warning Email When Too Many of Them - Log4j, Stat4j, SMTPAppender

  236. Spring: Make an Externally Created Object Available to Beans in applicationContext.xml

  237. Tools for Renaming the Package of a Dependency with Maven

  238. Note to Self: Running GroovyConsole with a Maven Project''s Classpath

  239. Most interesting links of September

  240. Inspect Your Webapp in a Live Environment Interactively with GroovyConsole

  241. Link: Advanced Usage of JUnit Theories, Multiple DataPoints, and ParameterSuppliers

  242. JUnit Tip: Verifying that an Exception with a Particular Message was Thrown

  243. Practical Introduction into Code Injection with AspectJ, Javassist, and Java Proxy

  244. DRY: Use JUnit @Rule Instead of Repeating Setup/@Before in Each Test

  245. DbUnit Express 1.3 is Even Easier to Use and Still Better

  246. Most interesting links of August

  247. DbUnit Express Tips: Setup Simplification, Custom Data File Convention

  248. A Funny Story about the Pain of Monthly Deployments

  249. Most interesting links of July

  250. Experiencing JSF 1.2: Good but Needs a Framework

  251. Simple Logging HTTP Proxy with Grinder

  252. Having Database Test Ready in 10 Minutes with DbUnit Express

  253. Ivy: Retrieve Both .jar And -sources.jar Into A Folder - Note to Self

  254. Going to Present "Programmer''s Survival Kit: Code Injection for Troubleshooting" at JavaZone 2011

  255. Most interesting links of June

  256. Validating JSF EL Expressions in JSF Pages with static-jsfexpression-validator

  257. How to Fix Empty "Show all bookmarks" in Firefox 4

  258. Hacking Jasper to Get Object Model of a JSP Page

  259. Version hell with JSFUnit, Arquillian, and (embedded) Glassfish and other containers

  260. Most interesting links of May

  261. Ivy: How to Retrieve Source Codes of Dependencies

  262. Installing Java 1.4 to Mac OS X 10.6

  263. Upgrading FCKeditor 2.x to CKEditor 3.x including plugins

  264. Discussion: Agile not suitable for governmental IT?

  265. Most interesting links of April (renewed)

  266. How stateless can you go?

  267. What I''ve Learned from (Nearly) Failing to Refactor Hudson

  268. What Do I Mean by a Legacy Code?

  269. Refactoring the "Legacy" Hudson.java with the Mikado Method as a Coding Dojo

  270. Real-world data prove that Agile, BDD & co. work - lecture by G. Adzic

  271. How to customize CKEditor with your own plugins, skins, configurations

  272. CKEditor: Hide some toolbar buttons on a per page basis

  273. Code quality matters to the customers. A lot.

  274. CKEditor: Collapsing only 2nd+ toolbar rows - howto

  275. Most interesting links of March

  276. CKEditor: Scroll dialogs with the page, i.e. not fixed to the middle

  277. Introduction to ObjectTeams/Java, a Role-Based Approach to Modularity With AOP

  278. Why not to be afraid of 2012

  279. Most interesting links of February

  280. Hidden Dependencies Are Evil - Arguing With The Clean Code (Slightly)

  281. Clean Code: Four Simple Design Rules - Obligatory Read

  282. Manually restoring raw partclone partition image to a VMWare

  283. Most interesting links of January

  284. Goodby IBA, welcome, Norway and Iterate!

  285. Using Ivy with pom.xml

  286. EMF tips: Accessing model meta data, serializing into element/attribute

  287. EMF: Reading a model from XML - how to correctly declare its namespace - variants

  288. Creating dynamic EMF model from XSDs and loading its instances from XML as SDOs

  289. 2010 in review

  290. Most interesting links of December

  291. Tip: Multiple webservice implementation classes available at the same time under WAS7

  292. Howto: JAX-WS service with XML Source input instead of JAXB-produced POJOs (similar to JAX-RPC with SOAPElement input)

  293. Creating JAX-WS webservice using Service Data Objects (SDO) instead of JAXB-bound POJOs

  294. Ivy resolve downloads but ignores some artifacts (though not modules)

  295. Joshua Bloch: Performance Anxiety - on Performance Unpredictability, Its Measurement and Benchmarking

  296. Most interesting links of November

  297. Book review: Refactoring by Martin Fowler

  298. svn fun: <path> has no ancestry information

  299. More Eclipse & svn fun: Can''t share a project (only Team - Apply Patch)

  300. SOAP/SAAJ/XML Issues When Migrating to Java 6 (with Axis 1.2)

  301. If You Don''t Use Pair Programming and Code Reviews as Teaching Tools You Waste Money

  302. Knowing I''m Bad Programmer Makes Me Good Programmer

  303. Tip: Enable a shortcut for Occurrences in File in Eclipse under Gnome (default C+S+u)

  304. Most interesting links of October

  305. Tip: Retrieving server certificate used in SSL communication (e.g. POP3s)

  306. Most interesting links of September

  307. The power of batching or speeding JDBC by 100

  308. Exposing a POJO as a JMX MBean easily with Spring

  309. Implementing retrial with a MDB or an MQ batch job? (WAS 7, MQ 6)

  310. SSH magic: Authorize only once for multiple ssh/scp invocations

  311. Jetty-maven-plugin: Running a webapp with a DataSource and security

  312. Most interesting links of August

  313. An encrypted backup of a disk/partition to a Samba share with Clonezilla

  314. Most interesting links of July

  315. Mobile learning application MiniPauker 1.1.05 released - please test!

  316. My path to SCEA 5

  317. Most interesting links of June

  318. Implementing build-time bytecode instrumentation with Javassist

  319. Booting from a USB stick in VMware Player

  320. Webservice testing with JMeter: Passing data from a response to another request

  321. Most interesting links of May

  322. Migrating from JRoller to Wordpress

  323. How Visual Paradigm (nearly) ruined my day and Dropbox (nearly) saved it

  324. Eclipse Profile configuration: The launch requires at least one data collector

  325. Book: Real World Java EE Patterns - Rethinking Best Practices (review & digest)

  326. Mocking out LDAP/JNDI in unit tests

  327. Most interesting links of April

  328. My older posts at JRoller

  329. File-based User Authentication under WebSphere 6

  330. Most interesting links of March

  331. Enforcing a common log format with AspectJ

  332. Broken Eclipse shortcut under Gnome for Occurrences in File

  333. Eclipse: Open Type/Resource working again under Linux!

  334. Released DbUnit Test Skeleton 1.1.0 - also in Maven Central

  335. The Art of Logging (review)

  336. Releasing a project to Maven Central repository via Sonatype

  337. Compiling with AspectJ''s ajc compiler from Maven

  338. Troubleshooting logging configuration (Log4j, commons-logging)

  339. Preview of the Portlets in Action book available

  340. PatternTesting: Automatically verifying the good application of architectural/design patterns in code

  341. Injecting timing aspect into JUnit test in Eclipse using AspectJ, AJDT

  342. See how Test Driven Development is done in practice

  343. The quest for a portal web framework is over and the winner is: Spring Portlet MVC

  344. Released DbUnit Test Skeleton 1.0.0 - setup DbUnit test w/ embedded DB in few minutes

  345. A new release 0.30 of MiniPauker, a J2ME flashcard learning application

  346. A logging wrapper around PreparedStatement to provide detailed info upon error

  347. Lotus Notes 8.x under Linux: No window shows up, Tips for upgrading to LN8.5

  348. Using ScribeFire to publish to JRoller.com

  349. How I managed to deploy a JSF/Seam portlet to JBoss after all

  350. Developing portlets for Liferay in Eclipse

  351. [DRAFT] Maven "change" project extending a non-maven web project

  352. Seam Tutorial 1.2: RichFaces and paged table (datascroller)

  353. The Forgotten Hells or God Save North Korea!

  354. When will we see JSR 286 in JSF portlets?

  355. Seam Tutorial 1.1: RichFaces and paged table (datascroller)

  356. JSF: NullPointerException at FacesServlet.init line 144 / Can''t parse faces-config.xml - SocketException

  357. Are portlets dead? JSR168 and JSR286 versus reality.

  358. Eclipse 3.4: New Update Manager and broken Extension Locations

  359. Webapp performance monitoring with Glassbox 2.0: How does it work?

  360. Injecting better logging into a binary .class using Javassist

  361. Add method tracing (params, result) to existing application w/o modifying it

  362. The Ultimate Web UI Framework

  363. Introducing Facelets

  364. Truncating UTF String to the given number of bytes while preserving its validity [for DB insert]

  365. VMWare: Shrink image even though it’s a snapshot

  366. Dependency Finder 1.2.0 for Java

  367. Troubleshooting Class/Resource Loading on an Application Server

  368. WAS 6.0 ant tasks: Install an app with an external Ant

  369. RAD, WAS 6 Test Env and J2EE security: getting rid of “No received or invocation credential exist on the thread”

  370. RAD: Profiling a portlet

  371. Kill a zombie database (not in the directory but can’t create it)

  372. RAD: Server Configurations in Rational Developer 6.0: copy, repair...

  373. DB2: Find out current locks, long transactions etc. [snapshot]

  374. Ant/Maven: Add build date/revision to the generated JAR''s Manifest

  375. Sending a SOAP request to a Web Service via URLConnection

  376. RAD, WebSphere and changing the classloader mode

  377. Eclipse: Run => NoClassDefFoundError for an interface when loading a class implementing it

  378. Redeploy an application (ear/war/…) on JBoss

  379. Access EJB on JBoss from outside