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Why do companies fail at adopting Functional Programming?

2015-06-17 09:36:30Uncategorized

According to the NDC Oslo talk Lean and Functional Programming by Bryan Hunter, these are the reasons why companies fail to adopt FP:

  • They say "our developers aren't smart enough" (to use F#, Erlang) [they should invest in their education!]
  • Culture of hiding problems => little incentive to adopt a paradigm that solves/prevents them if they're invisible
  • Overburden => not time
  • Implementing changes (FP) without first proving them (PDCA) - blindly rewriting something in F#/... can fail; it's better to have a value-proposition hypothesis and prove it with a limited experiment first
  • The prioritise short-term (e.g. fire-fighting) over long-term (removing the root causes of problems)

Tip for driving FP adoption: Find a pragmatist in pain - e.g. a business person experiencing problems that FP could have prevented.