Git pre-commit hook that fails if "it.only" used (Jest/Jasmine)

One of the annoying things with Jest is that while it enables you to run only a single test by using it.only, it does not report this in any noticeable way. Thus you can end up in the same situation as we did, not running many tests without knowing it. (Oh yeah, if we only did review the code properly ...).

This git pre-commit hook will fail when you introduce it.only into the code:
# A git pre-commit hook that verifies that the change does not introduce
# the use of a Jest/Jasmine exclusive test via 'it.only(..)', which would
# prevent most other tests from being run without any clear indication thereof
# Redirect output to stderr.
exec 1>&2
ADDED_IT_ONLY=$(git diff -U0 --cached -S"(\W|^)it\.only\s+?\(" --pickaxe-regex | egrep "(^\+.*it.only)|\+{3}")
if [ -n "$ADDED_IT_ONLY" ]; then
echo "PRE-COMIT CHECK FAILED: You have added calls to it.only(..) thus preventing other tests from running, please fix: $ADDED_IT_ONLY"
exit 1
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