Tool Tip: Byob - Screen With Text UI

Screen (man) is very useful for running terminal sessions on remote computers that enable the user to disconnect and re-connect. Byobu (man), formerly also called screen-profiles, is a wrapper script for screen that adds status lines with useful info to screen and provides text UI for configuring it (byobu-config).

Screen allows you to have multiple "windows" (terminal sessions) opened at the same time and jump between them (C-a n). You can also display multiple windows if you split your screen.

Few screen/byobu tips (C-a means Contol-a):
  • Configuration
    • Increase scroll history via "screen -h <num lines>" or "defscrollback <num lines>" in ~/.screenrc
  • Detach from screen: C-a d
  • Re-attach to screen: screen -rd
  • Split vertically: C-a |
    • Jump to the new split (or back): C-a tab
    • Create new window in the split (=> shell): C-a c
    • Remove all splits but the current one: C-a Q
  • Next window: C-a n
  • Pass "C-a" to the terminal running under screen: "C-a a"
  • Help "C-a ?"
  • Byobu: disable the Fn keys and only use the traditional screen commands: run byobu-config and select to use only them
    • To access Bybou menu (config) type, instead of F9, C-a @

Tags: DevOps

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