Where to Get Sample Java Webapps

I was unsuccessfuly looking for some decent, neither too simple nor to complex Java web application for Iterate hackaton "War of Web Frameworks". I want to record the demo apps and options I've found in the case I'll need it ever again. Tips are welcome.

  • Hibernate CaveatEmptor - 2006, no UI, richer domain model (+- 15), auction site, created for the book Hibernate in Action, uses EJB3
  • EclipseLink Distributed Collatz Solver - 2011, 6 entities, JPA 2.0, EJB 3.1, JSF 2.0, JAX-RS, intended to test distribution and JPA behavior under load, primitive UI, computation-intensive app (multiple SE clients + 1 EE server)
  • Alfresco CMS - stable, complex application with REST API (CMIS compatible) based on its "web scripts"
  • NetBeans Samples including 1-entity Pet Catalog - usually too primitive (1-few classes, ..)
  • Spring samples (svn) - including jpetstore (5 DAOs, Struts & S. MVC UI), petcare, petclinic[-groovy], spring-mvc-showcase; another example is Spring Greenhouse (a Spring reference app., "App Catalog that allows Developers to develop new client apps for which users may establish Account->App connections"), the functionality of the UI seems to be quite primitive
  • Demos of JSF component libraries (RchFaces, PrimeFaces, ...) - likely tightly coupled to JSF
  • A. Bien's x-ray project - minimal UI, developed for the book "Real World Night Hacks"
  • Pebble Blog - lot of files and servlets even though the use cases are quite simple (post blog, view posts, ..)
  • Jersey Samples: Bookstore (download links) - a simple webapp built on JAX-RS (REST) and Jersey's implicit views in the form of simple JSPs. 4 resource classes. Highly resuable with other frameworks that support REST service layers.

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