CKEditor: Scroll dialogs with the page, i.e. not fixed to the middle

Dialogs in the popular rich-text wysiwyg JavaScript editor CKEditor 3.5.2 are fixed-positioned and thus when you scroll the editor's page they always stay in the middle as you can see in its demo. That is a problem if the dialog is longer then the height of the page because you will be never able to scroll to its end (where the Ok/Cancle buttons are located).

It could be perhaps solved by adding a scrollbar to the dialog but I solved it by overriding the dialog's position: fixed with position: absolute. Here is how to do it.

Add the following to the CKEditor's configuration (either directly when you instantiate it or into a custom config, if you have one):

CKEDITOR.on('dialogDefinition', function(e) {
    var dialogName =;
    var dialogDefinition =;
            position : 'absolute'

(I've copied the idea of using the on dialogDefinition event from a source I don't remember.)


The div and table, which constitute the two top-level elements of a dialog, are created in themes/default/theme.js in the method buildDialog(editor). This method is called from dialog/plugin.js where these elements are further modified, including the following:

var themeBuilt = editor.theme.buildDialog( editor );
... =;
// Set the startup styles for the dialog, avoiding it enlarging the
// page size on the dialog creation.
		position : CKEDITOR.env.ie6Compat ? 'absolute' : 'fixed',
		top : 0,
		left: 0,
		visibility : 'hidden'
this.definition = definition = 'dialogDefinition', ...).definition;

We make use of the fired event to modify the dialog's definition to our liking, overriding the position to be always absolute.

Why CKEditor uses position: fixed is explained in its ticket #2127.

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