Most interesting links of January

I'm moving to Norway and have thus little time for reading but still I've stumbled upon something really interesting.
  • Bob C. Martin (the Clean Code guy): The Transformation Priority Premise - with TDD the code goes through a series of transformations (similar to refactorings but they change the behaviour) that "move the code from a specific form to a more generic form" (from "return 0;" to "return myFunc();"). "It also appears that these transformations have a preferred order based on complexity." (nothing => simple code with null; null => constant; ...). "It is the premise of this blog that if tests are chosen and implemented in this preferred order of transformations, then TDD impasses will be reduced or eliminated." Also the article explains nicely why the practice of writting simple, wrong (i.e. too specific) code is good. 
  • 10 Tips for Proper Application Logging - should be rather called 10 best practices for (enterprise Java) logging
  • Kanban Development Oversimplified - finally an explanation of Kanban for SW development I could understand, also thanks to the comparison with other agile approaches

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