Mobile learning application MiniPauker 1.1.05 released - please test!

MiniPauker 1.1.05, the final milestone before 1.1.1, has just been released. MiniPauker is a "flashcard learning" application for cell phones, which means that you can use it to learn or repeat any pairs of information, such as French vocabulary or terms and their definitions. The "cards" that you have troubles remembering are repeated often while the ones well remembered less and less frequently. It's a mobile version of the desktop application Pauker.

The version 1.1.05, and thus also 1.1.1, brings many new features and enhancements, especially regarding usability, and some important fixes, such as:
  • The "lesson" (previously known as "session") last used is automatically re-opened when you start MiniPauker
  • Possibility to save & quit with a single key (namely 5) press while learning/repeating, or via a new main menu item "Save & Quit"
  • Possibility to edit or delete a card while learning/repeating
  • When there are any cards to learn or repeat, the corresponding menu item is emphasized with a red font, and when there is nothing, invoking that menu item will inform you when the next cards expire and will thus require to be repeated
  • Support for long cards: you can easily page up/down using the keys 2 and 5 and the typing limit for adding or editing a card was increased to 10,000
  • When a call arrives, the application should be able to stop and later resume without any loss of data (unless you inadvertently close it)
See the release notes for the complete list.

The "general availability" release 1.1.1 will be published based on 1.1.05 after thirty days without any new bug report and we are therefore asking everybody to download MiniPauker 1.1.05 (either the normal or the -debug version) and try it out to discover and report as many problems, unexpected behavior etc. as possible. Don't miss your chance to influence the look&feel and behavior of the application! Read more about how to help with testing. Thanks a lot!

Tags: learning java

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