Most interesting links of April

The most interesting technical links I've encountered in April:
  • Getting Started with Tdd in Java using Eclipse [Screencast] - you will see not only TDD in practices but also a number of best practices applied and some inspirational novelty (at least for me) ideas  such as creating one test class per test configuration (and thus multiple test classes for a single "business" class); I really recommend this even if you are not interested in TDD
  • NoSQL links (as everybody these days, I'm also at least observing the NoSQL movement):
  • Testing
    • Easy data-driven testing with Spock - the Spock framework based on the popular JVM scripting language Groovy (99% Java + 1000% added) introduces a custom domain-specific language (DSL), which makes testing of a method using different data incredily easy and readable, with all the power of Groovy at hand; see the post and you will see immediately what I mean
That's all for this month, stay tuned.

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