Released DbUnit Test Skeleton 1.1.0 - also in Maven Central

Released DbUnit Test Skeleton 1.1.0 - also in Maven Central

I've released version 1.1.0 of my DbUnit extension, which is now also available in the Maven central repository under the group id net.jakubholy.testing and artifact id dbunit-embeddedderby-parenttest. It brings some API changes, new utillities and removes the need to extend the base TestCase class.

What is it?

Creating a a DbUnit test case may be time consuming. With the dbunit-embeddedderby-parenttest you can have your DbUnit test including an embedded database with structures and data ready in a few minutes. (At least if you are fast enough in writing SQL and preparing your data :-) ).

The added value of this project is that provides classes pre-configured to interact with an embedded Derby database and the only thing you need to do is to provide a DDL file, execute a utillity to create the database, and enter data into the predefined data set XML file. In addition to that it also provides some nice utility methods and classes such as RowComparator and IEnhancedDatabaseTester and it overrides the default DbUnit setting to use fully qualified table names (in the form schema.table), which gives you more freedom.

New and noteworthy

As you can guess from the version number change, the API has changed and may be not compatible with some code written against a previous version. The main changes are:
  • All functionality moved to EmbeddedDbTester so that extending the AbstractEmbeddedDbTestCase isn't necessary anymore, which is useful e.g. in JUnit 4 or when extending another JUnit derivation. It's also a standard DbUnit's IDatabaseTester.
  • It's now possible to change completely the DB used by defining some JDBC properties in
  • Added utility methods getDataSource, getSqlConnection and a convenience method createCheckerForSelect, some of those implemented in the EnhancedDatabaseTesterDecorator so that they can be added to any IDatabaseTester.
  • Switched from Java util logging to commons-logging for better configurability.

    You can download the release also from the Maven Central Repository at

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