RAD: Server Configurations in Rational Developer 6.0: copy, repair...

This article describes some tricks you can do with RAD's server configurations (mostly for WebSpehere App.Server/Portal Server).

1. Problem: Create a new server config based on an old one.
 The view "Servers" only permits to create a new server configuration (R mouse - New - Server). To create it based on an existing configuration (called further "source config"):
Create a new server config, name it somehow. Exit RAD.
Goto <WORKSPACE>/.metadata/.plugins/com.ibm.wtp.server.core/ and find the id of the new configuration and theid of the source config. in configurations.xml
Copy the directory <WORKSPACE>/.metadata/.plugins/com.ibm.wtp.server.core/configs/<source config id>-data to the neighbouring <new config id>-data
Start RAD, make the adjustements needed.

2. Remove a project from config's applications by force
Go to <WORKSPACE>/.metadata/.plugins/com.ibm.wtp.server.core/configs/<the config id>-data/ (see above how to find the id): remove any reference to the given project in memento.xml and delete the sub-directory cells\localhost\applications\<project name>
It may also help to clear all tmp*/ directories under <WORKSPACE>/.metadata/.plugins/com.ibm.wtp.server.core/

The steps above likely aren't necessary. The only necessary thing is to remove the entries from:
 <WORKSPACE>/.metadata/.plugins/com.ibm.wtp.server.core/configs/<the config id>-data/cells/localhost/nodes/localhost/serverindex.xml
!!! Don't remove wmmApp - the server will fail to start w/o it.

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